Infrastructure Projects Keep Contractors Hopeful

Lawmakers and local transportation advocates hope that the Obama administration will quickly pass an economic stimulus package that will inject billions of dollars into road repair across the country. The plan would aim to improve aging infrastructure while putting construction workers back on the job. (Source: The Free Press, Mankato, MN) 

Contractors and sub-contractors of these projects can count on topsoil screeners to Topsoil screener for 3 end productsbe one of the needs of these projects.  A smaller, multi-purpose, portable screening plant can allow many contractors to process materials on-site, without having to set up huge staging yards.  The EZ Screen 1200XL with middle product conveyor generates 3 different end products to speed up material processing.   

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  1. That’s awesome. It’s a great way to use what already exists to promote jobs; I hope it works out.

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