Not all Topsoil is created equal – Topsoil Screens make better dirt

Topsoil is one of our most valuable natural resources and contains some of the most precious, life-giving  elements on our earth.  Topsoil is responsible for sustaining all life on this planet in one way or another.  Topsoil Screens can make perfect dirt for growing

Make sure your customers know the value of screened topsoil vs. topsoil that may not be optimum for growing.  The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension has many tips for customers that you should know as a seller of topsoil. 

Some of the highlights: 

  • Make sure your customer knows that un-screened topsoil can be full of debris including rocks, roots and other trash that may have come from its original location.
  • Test the PH level of your soil (do this yourself with PH test from garden supply) so if this is important to your customer, you have the answer! 

Check out the rest of the tips to see how you can get an educated advantage over your competitors!

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