First Steps to Making Dark, Rich Topsoil

Transforming lifeless dirt into dark, rich topsoil is simpler than you think! We’ve been collecting advice and tips from gardening and agricultural experts for years and they all agree that the first thing you should do is test your soil’s pH level. Testing the pH level of your soil tells you if your soil is more acid or alkaline. The results of the pH test will further help you decide if adjustments are necessary.

Your next step would be measuring your soils organic content and nutrients. This will provide you with a baseline to measure which fertilizer elements are low, high, or just right.

Another major pointer is that adding organic matter is key! No matter if your soil is loose and sandy or heavy and clay like, adding organic material will help lighten up heavy soil and will also help loose and sandy soil sustain moisture. Enriching your soil with organic materials such as composted tree bark and manure will loosen and aerate your soil promoting great plant growth.

Make sure that you find an organic soil conditioner that has a fungi called mycorrhizal. Using mycorrhizal fungi in your topsoil can have many great benefits! Mycorrhizal fungi is a symbiotic life form that is hosted by the roots of plants. It increases the absorption of nutrients, reducing the chance of transplant shock, and promotes drought resistance.

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  1. Rodger Hartgrave says:

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  2. Mary says:

    One thing you may want to ask is what they are going to do to make sure the foundation of your house isn’t ciepromosmd. That’s a lot of soil to remove and if it cracks while they are working, you will have issues down the road. You may want to ask them about how water will drain off your property. The last thing you want is water running into your house the first time it rains (or snows) more than an inch. Do you have trees in your yard? If so, are they going to cut them down so they can remove the contaminated soil?Just a few things to think about.-Mary

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