Thriving Ecosystem

Soil that doesn’t have much organic matter lacks vital soil dwellers such as earthworms and beneficial bacteria that break down organic material into nutrients for plants. When gardeners fertilize, they are also feeding the soil as well as the plant. While chemical based fertilizers provide plants with important nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium,, the residue of can be damaging to the worms and microorganisms that help create and maintain healthy rich topsoil. Organic fertilizers (combinations of natural complex compounds such as rock powders, bone/feather meal, and manure) also become food for soil dwellers and release important macro and micro-nutrients as they are deposited back into the soil.

By choosing among organic fertilizers that are custom blended for use on your lawn or garden may take the mystery out of selecting the right fertilizer. There should be a wide variety of organic fertilizers to choose from at your local garden center.

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