The 5 Keys to Topsoil

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Topsoil is the most important part of gardening since plants get their nutrients from topsoil. Top soil is the first layer of loose soil. It is generally 5 to 12 inches thick and contains all the essential nutrients that plants need to develop and grow.

Allot of problems people have with their gardens is actually due to the fact that they don’t have good quality top soil. Growing the same plants for many years commonly results in lack of nutrients in your top soil. It is essential to have good quality top soil in the garden so that your plants get their nutritional requirements.


Soil contains many organic and inorganic materials that helps plants absorb water while some organic materials in topsoil increases it’s ability to retain readily available amounts of water for your plants.

Soil Stabilization
The erosion of a plant’s subsoil is primarily prevented by topsoil. As plants grow into the topsoil, the plants produce a vegetative layer that binds the soil in place, preventing any damage or loss of important nutrients in the subsoil.

The most important functions of topsoil is to provide nutrients to plants. Nutrients are recycled by topsoil when the decomposition of dead organic materials occurs within the soil. This recycling process is a result of microorganisms living within the soil. The decomposition of these microorganisms produces carbon dioxide. By producing carbon dioxide it of course produces an abundant amount of carbon and nitrates, which is a necessity for plant growth and survival.

Structure and Support
Soil is crucial in the structure and support of plants throughout their entire life cycle. From the beginning stages, soil provides an insulated medium, filled with important nutrients to aid in the growth of the plants. Even in the later stages of a plant’s cycle, it heavily relies on soil for vital resources and support. All plants develop a root system that grows in topsoil, and into deeper layers of the soil for nutritional benefits and stabilization.

Now that you have learned the importance of topsoil, you can get to work on your garden! Be sure to stop back in for some more tips and info!

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2 Responses to The 5 Keys to Topsoil

  1. Top Soil says:

    You are right my friend that topsoil is an important part of gardening but with it also take care of proper distance between plants and also keep in mind that they get light and sunlight. It also help plant to grow.

  2. John Marsh says:

    Good post, shows the importance of topsoil in the growth of plants. It is rich in all nutrients and minerals that are required by plants for their growth.

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