The EZ-Screen 550!

Argus Industrial Company added the EZ-Screen 550 Topsoil Screener  to its successful product line. Based on customer feedback during the 8 years of success with the EZ-Screen 500XL, the company released a portable dirt screener that features a 5 x 4 ft screenbox, allowing efficient dirt screening when using up to a 1 yard loader. It is also fuel-saving, incorporating a 5.5 hp single cylinder Honda engine that consumes very little gas.

“Only by following user suggestions can we create an innovation like this,” said Al Skoropa, owner of Argus Industrial Company. “We receive continuous feedback by dealing directly with end users. Over the years, this has enabled us to provide quick implementation of improvements to our product line. This has led to the optimization of our existing products and the creation of new ones, such as the EZ-Screen 550, based on user suggestions.”

This topsoil screener also features the patented non-hydraulic drive that delivers aggressive and continuous shaking. This guarantees effective separation when screening materials that vary in size and composition from gravel to compost, including topsoil and sand. At $9,500, plus freight, it is cheap, even by portable screening standards. The EZ-Screen 550 is rugged and reliable, and hitches a ride to a 1/2 ton pickup to be shipped off to the next jobsite.

The EZ-Screen 550 is also flexible. Its 5 x 4 ft screen changes very easily in little time. The machine can go from a topsoil screen to rock screen, to a sand screening system very quickly. It also benefits users because, since it is made of such high-quality parts, it requires little maintenance and saves money on related costs.

“With many years of experience selling top soil screen products, the end user can be confident that EZ-Screen will deliver on its promises. Production claims by other manufactures can sometimes be misleading, but our production estimates are always realistic and the customer always gets just what they expect.” He adds, “No customer wants pie in the sky guesses or fabrications. That’s why we always provide realistic assessments. The EZ-Screen 550 is certainly no exception. EZ-Screen is always on the customer’s side,” added Skoropa.

The EZ-Screen 550 features a loading bucket size range of ½ to 1 yard, feed height at hopper of 68 inches, while its overall length is 14½ feet and width is 55 inches. Its tow hitch, with safety chains, offers a 3,500 lb capacity jack, and is equipped with a 2-5/16 inch ball. All of the machine’s features lend to it being a fully green product, potentially leading to tax breaks and avoidance of citations for non-compliance with new standards. For more information and a quote for the EZ-Screen 550, read more at..

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