Topsoil Tip for Farmers

Any Farmer can tell you that Topsoil is very important for producing a rich harvest. In recent years many farms across the United States has became victims of erosion.

Erosion of soil by wind, water, and gravity occurs naturally, the rate at which erosion occurs are based on several factors such as slope, wind, and the presence or absence of tree cover. Generally, new topsoil forms about as fast as existing topsoil erodes. However, certain human activities, such as grazing livestock and the clearing of land for development, can upset this natural balance and accelerate erosion.

When land is cultivated for commercial agriculture, vegetation is typically removed, leaving topsoil exposed and more susceptible to erosion. More than three billion tons of topsoil erodes off from United States farms each year — seven times more topsoil than is developed naturally. Faced with serious threats to their livelihoods, many farmers have adopted agricultural practices intended to preserve topsoil. It is suggested that they create new! A smart farmer would invest in a portable topsoil screener! With a topsoil screener, farmers will be able to produce new, fresh, rich topsoil right from their own land. Some Farmers may be able to produce enough topsoil to supply other farms in their area bringing in a little extra revenue.

Picking a good topsoil screener for your farm starts with affordability, productivity, and versatility. The EZ-Screen 700 fits the bill perfectly! With its large, heavy duty single-deck screen, the EZ-Screen 700 is ideal to work with loaders and tractors with buckets ranging up to 1 ¾ yards.  While the 700 is big enough for most farms, it’s still light on its feet for mobility so you can move it anywhere on your land! It’s equipped with a standard tow-hitch, safety chains, trailer tires and lights so you can hook it up to the back of your truck or tractor and pull it from location to location and store it in your barn during the fall and winter seasons.

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