Screening Topsoil

No matter what size top soil screen you need, EZ Screen has it. Topsoil screeners, dirt screeners, soil sifters and screening machines. All the same term for doing the same job. Separating topsoil and other materials by size. Each application has different screen needs, but most screening machines can be used to handle many different materials. For the best soil sifting results use a dirt screener with piano wire screens open 2” wide on top with ½” spacing on the bottom. This will produce topsoil with most stones removed, as preferred by homeowners, yet will still allow some to remain in the fines for proper aeration.

If the material to be screened contains roots and long, flat rocks, use a smaller horizontal slot. Just remember: the more wire in the screening machine, the slower production will be. One more tip: Do not attempt to use your screening machine on wet topsoil, as the results will be less than are desirable as production will be very sluggish and you’ll gum up the screens. A soil sifter can be an excellent way for you to consider improving your production, lowering your costs by reusing material on-site and allowing for more efficient use of our manpower.

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