Tony Denorfia has been a builder in Southington, Connecticut for 31 years. After graduating from law school in 1978, he built and sold his first home in 1981. That was more than 800 homes ago. Today, A.A.Denorfia Building and Development is not only the builder of custom homes in the $400,000 to $550,000 range, but also apartments and light commercial structures. Tony runs the business with his two sons, Andrew and Matthew.

According to Tony, “building is like the exact opposite outlet of practicing law.” Plus Tony considers the houses he builds as homes because they’re built with pride for families. It’s his way of adding to the community where he was born and raised.

In operating his business, Tony likes to own his machinery and equipment rather than rent. “It’s less expensive in the long run.” So when he went shopping for a screener at his local equipment dealer, a 6-year-old EZ-Screen unit caught his eye. To check out other EZ-Screen models and features, he went online to the website and contacted Al Skoropa, CEO of Argus Industrial, manufacturer of EZ-Screen portable screening plants. In discussing Tony’s needs, Al suggested that the EZ-Screen 700, with a base price of $14,900, would be the right fit. Four months ago Tony took delivery of his EZ-700, and already “the machine has almost paid for itself.”

That’s like getting a free machine. Even better, because after the EZ-700 pays for itself, it starts paying the owner, screening material and turning it into cash.

“As a builder, we move from site to site, so portability is a prime requirement,” says Tony. So the EZ-Screen fits that bill to a T. But once on site, the EZ-700 is usually mounted on blocks so fines pile up higher to make them easier to remove with a loader. “Soil in Connecticut is heavy, with a lot of rocks and debris, and the EZ-700 screens it down very nicely so it can be used as topsoil on site.”

Tony is also in the gravel business. As he says, “when it comes to material, if you need it, you don’t have it. And when you have it, you have too much.” Currently at a site where he’s building 14 new units, there’s a gravel pit. So he uses his EZ-Screen 700 to screen the gravel which he then uses in road building.
He also has plenty left over to sell.

That gives Tony Denorfia’s EZ-Screen 700 a one-two punch. One, for topsoil screening, the second, for gravel. And that’s what makes his EZ-700 a money machine. How quickly can an EZ-Screen portable screening plant pay for itself in your operation? The first step in finding out is to do like Tony. Call Al Skoropa at 248-745-5828 and talk over your screening needs. Not only will you get the information and advice you need, you’ll also get a machine that’s priced to beat the competition, and out produce it, too. And with the exclusive EZ-Screen Kinetic Drive System, it also “out greens” competitive machines by capturing the kinetic energy created by the vibratory action. Result: lower fuel costs.

In other words, orange is the new green.

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