Compost Screens – a Green Eco-Friendly Option

From Garbage to GardenLet’s recap: conservation, recycling, and being good to the environment is en vogue. The environmental movement has truly gained popular momentum and is helping to shape political policy and consumer consumption across the country, which means you need to get your business on the Eco-friendly train. Yet the persisting problem for many business owners, particularly in the construction field, is that going green typically means shelling out a lot of green. The high cost of environmentally friendly materials and equipment make caring for mother earth a considerable business expense that, in this turbulent economy, many businesses can’t afford to bear. Luckily, there is one way you can go green that will help you increase productivity as well: compost screens.

Compost screens are large pieces of equipment that are able to sift and sort several tons of earth every day quickly and efficiently to separate the usable compost material from the rest. Compost screens automatically divide unwanted matter such as root balls, large pieces of rock or gravel, and foreign objects like tennis balls, from the biodegradable material that can be used as fertilizer. Their structure typically includes a loading conveyor belt, sifting bed, multilayer screens made from fibers or mesh, and a discard system that creates separate piles of compost and remainder matter.
Compost fertilizer is a staple of recycling practices.

composterIt incorporates the key values of reduce and reuse by replacing harsh synthetic or chemical fibers with all natural biodegradable waste. Compost is such a valuable fertilizer because, as material like old food or lawn clippings withers, it gets broken down to its fundamental nutrients by microorganisms like bacteria or yeast. The distilled nutrients are then available to be utilized by another growing plant, resulting in healthy vegetation.
Compost screens are a vital investment, not only to the environment but to the productivity and efficiency of your business. Store bought fertilizer is expensive, and when you are constructing an area with a lot of ground space, that can mean big expense for your business. Having a compost screen in your equipment fleet will allow you to appropriately process earth and generate your own fertilizer, saving you thousands. Another thing to consider is that open-air fertilizer, like the kind you could be creating with your compost screen, decomposes faster and releases its nutrients quicker. This means that you can see noticeable growth in your green areas with compost fertilizer which always makes clients happy.

EZ-Screen 550Perhaps the best aspect of a compost screen is that it has the ability to be much more than that. Most compost screens have removable filters that can be interchanged at will with other types of portable screening devices like gravel filters or topsoil filters, making compost screens multifaceted and multifunctional items. This diversity of workload can also significantly offset the admittedly high cost of a compost screener, and can help increase the productivity of your business by offering an effective way to sort earth matter at your construction site.

It is sad to say, but with going green often comes the feeling that you are making a sacrifice. In order to be good to the environment you are required to pay more than the non Eco-friendly version, or wait longer, or relinquish quality or taste. However, compost screeners produce such tangible and concrete results that it is hard to imagine not choosing to be environmentally responsible. A green product that benefits not only your business but the environment as well? Now that sounds like resourceful thinking.

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