Become Topsoil Dependent with a Topsoil Screener

If you’ve been a gardener or farmer for a while, then you have probably heard the term that “A Great Garden Starts with Great Topsoil!”. In fact, high quality topsoil allows the sustained growth of plants, vegetables, fruits, and even lawns. However, buying topsoil can be an absolute pain. Sometimes, topsoil that comes in bags that can be packed with chemicals and fertilizers that could be potentially harmful to you and your family if you’re growing eatable plant life such as fruits and vegetables. However, if you find an organic topsoil the prices can be a little outlandish. So we come to a fork in the road, do we buy chemical packed dirt and save a few bucks? or do we pay the extra price for the added peace in mind that we are not polluting ourselves and loved ones.

Benefits of using a topsoil screenerActually, there’s a different solution all together! By screening your own topspoil, you know that your soil is coming from your own backyard or piece of land. By using a topsoil screener, a gardener or farmer can remove debris that interfere with vital nutrients and root growth. The quality of your soil will increase by combining screened topsoil with organic matter, natural fertilizers and mulch. By screening your own topsoil, your plants are sure to thrive in any area or climate! You can also save food scrappings and left overs and make your very own organic compost that can be blended with your screened topsoil to give it that extra boost of nutrience for your plants.

Many nurseries sell organic fertilizers that you can use to treat while you screen! High levels of nutrients are obviously vital for your crops to grow successfully. You can also  add polymer to your soil which retains water, meaning that you wouldn’t have to spend as much time or resources watering. Polymer may also save  your garden or crops in the even of a droubt. Also old polymer can be screened out of your soil at the beginning of a new season with your topsoil screener! The benefits of owning a Topsoil Screener doesn’t just stop at your garden! If you renevate your home or add in a a new padio, you can use your screener to screen out the debrees so you don’t throw away potentially good nutrients left over in the brick or saw dust.

The EZ-550 Topsoil screener toed by pickup truckSome topsoil screeners like the EZ-Screen 550 can be hooked up to the hitch of your pickup truck and toed from location to location with ease! If you need a bigger screener for some bigger jobs, I recommend checking out the EZ-Screen 1200XL. The Ez-Screen lineup are really tough and reliable machines. I personally purchased my first EZ-Screen 550 for my half acre of property and it has literally paid for itself within the first session of using it.

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