Measuring Topsoil Quality

topsoilAre you planning for a beautiful garden around your house? Then your primary requirement is good quality topsoil. Topsoil is the upper most layer of the earth crust which is bit darker in color and contains all the essential nutrients for plants. Topsoil covers the entire earth surface but varies in quality. If you want healthy, beautiful plants in your garden then good quality topsoil is a major necessity. If you want to buy good quality topsoil for your garden then you can order it. There are many topsoil suppliers who can fulfill your topsoil requirement. However, buying topsoil can be very costly over time, so a good portable topsoil screener is a great investment if you’re a serious gardener. But before ordering topsoil or buying a topsoil screener, you need to know few things about topsoil and how to measure the quality of topsoil.

These factors can help you easily measure the quality of topsoil:

Texture: The topsoil is made up of small proportion of sand, slit, loam and clay particles. The quality of topsoil depends upon its good texture.  Good quality topsoil contains all kind of soil particles. These particles affect the water holding capacity of topsoil which ultimately leads to the availability of water to the plants. Good texture topsoil can hold high amount of water in it and this water will be available to plant for their growth. So the ideal topsoil should have proportion of sand, clay and loam.

Water Content: Good quality topsoil can retain appropriate amount of water. Topsoil should contain good amount of moisture in it. If soil has moisture in it then it is good for the growth of the plant. If the soil is dry then it can cause the dryness of the plant also.

PH Factor: Topsoil is generally acidic in nature. The PH value of soil varies from 3.38 to 7.55.The quality topsoil should have the PH value varies from 6.0 to 6.5. The topsoil which is very acidic is not considered as good because plant doesn’t grow properly in the acidic or alkaline topsoil.

Humus: humus the main content of the topsoil that is related to the fertility of top soil. The topsoil has high humus is more fertile. The fertility can be check on the basis of color of topsoil. If the soil is dark in color then it contain humus in it and is more fertile. If it is light in color then it doesn’t contain humus in it.

Nutrients: Topsoil should contain all the essential nutrients in it. The primary nutrients that should be present for plant growth are: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. These should be present in the soil content to promote the better growth of plants.

These are all factors that can help you evaluate the quality of your topsoil and help you easily figure out which type of topsoil best suites your gardening needs.

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