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Who Digs Dirt? pt.2

At 7:42 a.m. on Friday, in Vacaville, California, Truck No. 17246 backs onto the ramp at Jepson Prairie Organics and regurgitates its contents into a massive heap. The sight of a 24-ton trailer tilted up on end, spewing rotten vegetables, … Continue reading

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Become Topsoil Dependent with a Topsoil Screener

If you’ve been a gardener or farmer for a while, then you have probably heard the term that “A Great Garden Starts with Great Topsoil!”. In fact, high quality topsoil allows the sustained growth of plants, vegetables, fruits, and even … Continue reading

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Make Nice, Loose, Aerated Topsoil with a Soil Sifter

Sifting soil is important for landscaping, farming, gardening, and a number of other applications. Even if you are screening soil for a small garden, this can be a daunting task without help. Large scale mechanical aid is definitely necessary if … Continue reading

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Compost Screens – a Green Eco-Friendly Option

Let’s recap: conservation, recycling, and being good to the environment is en vogue. The environmental movement has truly gained popular momentum and is helping to shape political policy and consumer consumption across the country, which means you need to get … Continue reading

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