Contractors Need “live” Soil

Building contractors in Renton, WA and now required to leave the site with 8-10″ of live soil….In other words, they can’t just grade the site and leave it to the homeowner or landscaper to deal with. New King County regulations require that they leave the site with organic material within. 

“The soil will be rich, deep and able to sustain plant life,” said Kris Beatty, of King County Solid Waste. 

“They’ll bring compost in and bring enough of it to meet the required organic matter content,” Beatty said.

While this new regulation could be a challenge for contractors to meet, using topsoil screeners on-site is a great way to make easy work of this job.  First, screen the on-site dirt to remove gravel, sticks, rocks and other materials.  Then run the screened topsoil through again and add compost as you do.  You’ll then have your final, “live” soil that will fulfill the regulations and most of all, make your customers happy.  

topsoil screeners help blend compost with existing site soilUsing existing topsoil and amending it on-site to include the required 8-10% organic material is a much cheaper way of meeting the requirements than scalping the site, removing the material and then bringing in the “live” topsoil. 


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