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We’re running out of dirt…..

A recent study shows that we are losing the earth’s topsoil faster than mother nature can make more. 

The earth only has an average of 3 feet of topsoil covering it and it’s responsible for growing most of the world’s food.   

“Globally, it’s clear we are eroding soils at a rate much faster than they can form,” said John Reganold, a soils scientist at Washington State University. “It’s hard to get people to pay much attention to this because, frankly, most of us take soil for granted.”

What happening to our topsoil and ideas to save itDavid Montgomery, a scientist who has written Dirt, The Erosion of Civilizations, makes a case that  “… it’s pretty clear we’re running out of dirt.” 

As this becomes more and more of a problem, landscapers will find that reclaiming topsoil using topsoil screening machines on job-sites will be much more cost effecient than bringing in new soil to lay down.  Keeping topsoil in place is an important component to fighting the problems of topsoil erosion. 


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