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What do I plant?

Using a small topsoil screen lets the home gardener re-use materials and minimize the need for new topsoil.Sometimes the hardest thing to decide is what to plant!  Even if you are a professional landscaper, the possibilites of what to plant in your customer’s garden can be overwhelming.  So instead of sticking to your favorite handful of choices, get a little adventurous and select something that will work in your zone, but give your client some variety from the neighbors.

Also, take advantage of re-using materials onsite to keep your costs down.  A topsoil screener can help even the home gardener re-use the soil you’ve got and keep the costs of bringing in and spreading new topsoil to a minimum.

Start a Compost Pile

Starting your own compost pile isn’t too hard!  As a gardener you know the benefits of composting.  It increases the living elements to your soil which is what everything that grows needs for nutrients.  Check out Mother Earth News for more how-to’s on composting.




Shovel the Right Way!

Popular Mechanics has a great list this month about 100 things a man (woman too!) should know how to do….and one of them is know how to use a shovel the right way.   They got their advice from Gwen Petersen’s book How to Shovel Manure and Other Life Lessons for the Country Woman. 

“Size the blade to the density of what you’re shoveling—big for snow, small for dirt.  Keep knees bent and posture upright.  To reduce spinal stress, dump the load behind you instead of throwing it forward.” 


How well do you know Soil?

Take this soil quiz to see what your Dirt IQ is!

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